Chamomile Flower, Certified Organic

Chamomile Flower, Certified Organic

Chamomile Flowers

Botanical Name: Matricaria recutita


Emotional healing that calms anxiety and relaxes the nervous system. Has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Safe for children and babies who have trouble sleeping or under stress. May have a positive effect on attention deficit disorder (ADD). Makes a great evening herbal tea, relaxing bath, skin and beauty treatments. Digestive tonic for the liver and digestive system. Helps to settle the stomach and irritable bowel syndrome. In women's health, is a mild effective remedy for irregular menstruation that may be triggered by tension or stress. Antispasmodic agent that relaxes aching, tense muscles and alleviates premenstrual pain. Healing agent in douche formulas and sitz baths to treat vaginitis and yeast infections. 

Certified Organic

    1 Ounce

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