Gotu Kola, Certified Organic

Gotu Kola, Certified Organic

Gotu Kola 

Botanical Name: Centella asiatica


A rejuvenative nervine recommended for nervous disorders, epilepsy, senility and premature aging. As a brain tonic, it is said to aid intelligence and memory. It strengthens the adrenal glands and cleanses the blood to treat skin impurities. It is said to combat stress and depression, increase libido and improve reflexes. It has also been indicated for chronic venous insufficiency, minor burns, scars, scleroderma, skin ulcers, varicose veins, wound healing, rheumatism, blood diseases, congestive heart failure, urinary tract infections, venereal diseases, hepatitis and high blood pressure. In India, Gotu kola is regarded as perhaps the most spiritual of all herbs. Used to improve meditation and to develop the crown chakra.

Certified Organic

    2 Pounds

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