Moldavite and Shungite Bracelet

Moldavite and Shungite Bracelet

Moldavite and Shungite Bracelet


Moldavite, an olive green tektite formed by a meteor collision 15 million years ago in the Moldau Valley (now in the Czech Republic), has been prized for many years for it’s rarity and mystique.

Metaphysically it is concerned with transformation, spiritually preparing us for rapid change, accelerating the learning of spiritual and karmic lessons, and helping to integrate psychic powers.

Activating the heart, third eye and crown chakra it assists in the development of clairvoyance, manifestation, meditation and astral travel.


Emotionally Moldavite activates the intelligence of the heart, recognizing and clearing baggage while helping us to think creatively for better patterns of behavior and problem solving.


Shungite Compliments these energies with it’s focus on detoxification and protection.


Excellent Birthday, Graduation and Holiday gift!


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