Moringa Leaf, Certified Organic

Moringa Leaf, Certified Organic

Moringa Leaf 

Botanical name: Moringa Oleifera


*Excellent source of nutrition *High in antioxidants *Natural energy booster. *Nature's multi-vitamin providing 7 x the vitamin C of oranges, 4 x the calcium of milk, 4 x the vitamin A of carrots, 3 x the potassium of bananas, and 2 x the protein of yogurt. *Helps to lower blood sugar levels *Anti-inflammatory properties *Helps to lower cholesterol *Leaf juice is used as a skin antiseptic *Used to treat fevers, bronchitis, eye and ear infections *Leaves are considered to be anthelmintic ( able to kill intestinal worms) *Possess anti-tumor, anti-viral, anti-cancer activities *Increases milk flow in nursing mothers Certified Organic

    2 Ounces

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